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Individual Coaching

Individuals connect to create lives of passion, balance, and meaning. They assess, plan, and act upon goals created from their own agendas. Partnering with the coach, each person moves quickly to make changes that were frequently difficult to do on his or her own. Individual coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on setting goals to make positive, intentional changes in their lives.
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Coaching Individuals with disabilities

Everyone brings unique challenges and opportunities to coaching. Although the coaching process follows guiding principles, each coaching experience is individualized and considers a person's personal story. If disabilities are part of that story they will be incorporated like other factors in the person's life.
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Group Coaching

Groups meet with a common theme that is embraced by the members and the coach as worthy of attention. Individuals in the group benefit from their own exploration as well as discussion with others. You may join a group or register a group. Group coaching provides opportunities to hone skills or learn new ones and to work with others to grow in a friendly, accepting environment.
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Classes and Workshops

In workshops and classes, the coach presents on topics related to growth and transition. They take place in the community or work place. At these events, the DreamCatchers coach will provide information and discussion opportunities to your group.
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A retreat is an intensive group experience over a day or two away from home. DreamCatchers has partnered with a southern Pennsylvania Inn for a comfortable, relaxing experience. Retreat topics have included Wellness, Positive Aging, Gratitude, and Joy. A retreat is an opportunity to get away from your usual routine, to concentrate on yourself, and make a plan for your everyday life.

Quotes from previous retreat participants:

"A great weekend to get in touch with your inner self and evaluate your wellness in every area of your life in a beautiful setting."

"This was an opportunity for me to take the time to focus, evaluate, plan, and think. I’m walking away with more clarity and purpose."

"I only wish that all women could experience this retreat. It was inspirational, uplifting, educational, rejuvenating, and peaceful. It is life-changing."