All I need today is a little bit of coffee and whole lot of Jesus

All I need today is a little bit of coffee and whole lot of Jesus

I noticed this Stress Gear box at the checkout in the grocery store.  I believe it originally contained colorful spinners that children use to keep their hands busy.  My first observation was that all of the gear was gone, having been bought by previous customers.  Lots of stress these days – everyone needing stress gear?  Stress in the home, stress in the workplace, stress in the schools, stress on the roads, stress in the news! 

“A little coffee and a lot of Jesus” sounds like sage advice.  Some people start their day with coffee.  They say they can’t face the day without it.  So, is it Java or Jesus first thing in your day?  I have a sign on my dresser that says “When God made me, he said ‘TA DA’”.  It is my caffeine of choice.

Years ago, in a class, someone suggested that I needed a daily “meditative practice”.  I resisted; I didn’t have the time.  I finally made time by getting up earlier.  Now, I have daily QUIET TIME, with my cuppa sumpin’ (usually hot chocolate).   I take 15 to 30 minutes, seated on the living room couch (rarely used for other purposes) to read, write, meditate, pray, and LISTEN. 

I once took a popular inventory that revealed your “type”.  Two pages of items turned into 20 pages of results.  I felt like someone had followed me with a web cam.  In summary, I was described as an intellectual butterfly.  My quiet time practices give the butterfly a chance to sit on a flower, center myself for the day and touch base with my God and my purpose.  TA DA.

What’s in your Stress Gear box?


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Written by : June Bond