Wisdom on a T-Shirt

Don't believe everything you read on t-shirts

Don't believe everything you read on t-shirts

Don't believe everything you read on t-shirts. Wisdom can be found in surprising places.  We must be aware of its presence in order to learn and grow from it.  I have found great opportunities for snippets of wisdom on the graphics of t-shirts.  These short messages make me chuckle, belly laugh, or shout, “Oh yeah!”

I read the messages on peoples’ shirts, on the pages of catalogs, and on the walls of t-shirt shops.  What does the message mean for the wearer?  For society?  For me? Would someone wear a phrase they didn’t mean?!  Once, I was in an elevator and a fellow passenger was a BIG man wearing a t-shirt partially hidden by a leather jacket.  What I thought I saw on the shirt was a huge multi-colored eye.  Yes, I asked if it was indeed an eye.  He confirmed it.  When I exited the lift, my husband said, “I don’t believe you asked him that”.  I replied, “If someone wears a giant eyeball, he is asking for it to be noticed”.

I have noticed and collected hundreds of t-shirt messages, appreciating the wisdom, inspiration, and humor they project.  But seriously, does anyone know why Victoria’s Secret prints PINK on shirts that are not?

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I knew it was a bad idea but I did it anyway

I knew it was a bad idea but I did it anyway
I knew it was a bad idea but I did it anyway.  Consider the lowly “stink bug”.  I wonder if he has issues because of his name?  Think of the bullying on the playground.  “What was he thinking?” when he climbed the toilet paper mountain?  Maybe he thought there was something special on the other side.  The answer to this question is “he wasn’t thinking”.
At both ends of our lives we seem to go through a period of time when we are unable to judge what are good and bad ideas.  Young children have not developed the brain capacity to weigh pros and cons and consider consequences.  Older adults sometimes lose this capacity, again needing assistance.  There are a lot years in between when we are capable and responsible for our decisions.  And still, we sometimes follow bad ideas. 
Note the biblical story of Adam and Eve symbolizing our impulse to do it anyway, even when we know it was a bad idea.  They ate from the only tree in the garden that was verboten.  And the consequences were game changers. 
I believe free-will is a gift and a curse.  Our decisions can based upon self-control or self-destruction.  I frequently face my own tendency to push the envelope.  I don’t like to be told what to do even if I am the one doing the telling.  I fight the impulse to rebel by staying present and considering consequences.  I find safe rebellions.  I presently am wearing toenail polish called “Deviently Daring” allowing me to express my inner rebel in a playful, non-active way. 
I encourage you to carefully consider your decisions based upon “good ideas”.  The rewards are priceless.  In the meantime, don’t climb toilet paper mountains.
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