I like being able to talk to June on the phone

"I like being able to talk to June on the phone because it is nice not to have to spend at least 30 minutes each way to travel to an office.  I feel like I can think ahead and prepare for our session and not tie up an hour in travel.  It makes better use of my time.  While on the phone I can make notes during my session and spend a few minutes after my session debriefing in an organized fashion.

I feel that my time is valuable and that I am a busy person who has many demands from many people.  I feel like the time I have on the phone in a coaching session is my time.  It is enough time for me to focus and discuss my direction.  Because the sessions are truly ½ hour plus any reflection time (usually 2-4 minutes), I have been able to stick with it.  During some of my sessions, when life was hard for me emotionally, I may have chosen not to go to an office, but because it was a phone call, I kept my commitment thus making it more beneficial to me in reaching my long term goals."

- J.

Dr. Bond is good at her craft

"Dr. Bond is good at her craft. She's helped me get past "sticking points" in various aspects of my life - work,  relationships, fitness,  and time management."

- A. 

I came to June Bond looking for direction ..

"I came to June Bond looking for direction and what was next in my life. Through thorough conversation, guidance and exciting workbook exercises I am able to take my skills and interests and apply them to exciting and new opportunities in my life. She has a kind and gentle manner.  She genuinely wants to listen to you and brainstorm to help you find endless possibilities."

- S.