Dr. June is a phenomenal woman and is an inspiration to me

"Dr. June is a phenomenal woman and is an inspiration to me.  At first, I was not very clear on what a “life coach” was and whether it was what I needed during a very difficult time in my life, but after my first meeting with Dr. June, I found that she was exactly what I needed!  Her action-centered approach to my life’s challenges helped me focus on specific problems with specific actions within a designated time frame.  I found this approach reassuring to know that my pain was a process and one she was helping me through step by step, action by action giving me a feeling of control over my situation all the while building my confidence.  Do not be fooled by her “hippie-like dress”, she is very intelligent, professional, loving, insightful, direct, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  As a result of Dr. June being my life coach, she gave me the courage to catch my dreams, follow my heart, and change my life.  I will never forget her wisdom and generosity!  Last but not least….always remember to give yourself a HUG!"

- S.

I have been speaking with Dr. Bond for approximately 1.5 yrs. now

"I have been speaking with Dr. Bond for approximately 1.5 yrs. now and it helps me tremendously.  As a business owner who works long hours it is very helpful to have someone without an agenda to speak with on a regular basis.  She is excellent in helping me organize my thoughts. This helps me make better decisions both professionally and ultimately personally.  This helps reduce stress!  I am very pleased with Dr. Bond's impact on my life.  She is helping me turn my ship towards the right path...might not be the sharpest of turns, but it is getting there :)"

- W. 

Dr. Bond is good at her craft

"Dr. Bond is good at her craft. She's helped me get past "sticking points" in various aspects of my life - work,  relationships, fitness,  and time management."

- A.